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Comprised of 2 high skilled technicians, we are qualified to provide both air and hydronic TAB services. Each our technicians do complete system balancing for new construction, renovations, or system troubleshooting. Along with our everyday services we can provide specialty services such as kitchen hood smoke capture testing, stairwell pressurization smoke exhaust, and return air smoke sensor testing.

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HVAC Hydronic Test and Balance

Looking for a reliable hydronic test and balance contractor? We currently provide TAB services for chilled water, heating hot water, condensing heat pump water, snow melt systems, and equipment process water systems.

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Air Balance

When you're looking for top quality work. Total Flow Control, LLC is here to help. Out team of professionals is available to provide testing and balancing for commercial and industrial projects. We are able to provide repeatable readings with supply, return and exhaust systems.

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